We can advice on choice, customise and professionally install. Everything you can think of regarding textiles.

Curtains and nets

Curtains and nets primarily protect our privacy. In addition, they also make the interior cosier, soften the window contours and create the overall room impression. Spaces without nets and curtains often work sterilely or incompletely.

You can choose from a wide range of fabrics. We'll localise everything, customise and install so the result will be perfect.

Suspension systems

We'll be happy to assist you in selecting and installing a suitable system.

The classic rail that we supply in many different versions is still a great choice. The rails can be tuned to the interior, or completely hidden in a plasterboard or concrete ceiling and powered electrically. They're controlled by a wall switch, a remote control or a connection to the smart home.

Other option in our product range are outdoor hanging systems for terraces and balconies.

Purpose textiles

We are constantly learning in innovative materials. We also cut from non-combustible materials, antibacterial materials, outdoor resistant fabrics - for example outdoor furniture. We can improve the room's acoustics, thermal insulation or shade of light smog using textile surfaces.


If an interior is to have a concept, it's often necessary to the change upholstery on some existing pieces of furniture. If you get completely new furniture, we will make sure that its upholstery matches the colour concept of the room and also meets the requirements for the material used with regard to its use.

Each space has its own specifics and needs something different. Come to our studio for inspiration and advice. We have an overview of what innovation is, and what all the materials and technologies of today can do. We look forward to your visit!