Technical shading

We provide consultations, we design and implement technical shading including production and installation.

Motorized blind control

Many types of external and internal shielding can be mounted as motor controlled. It is up to the client how much he or she likes this type of control. You can choose from outdoor and indoor roller blinds and jalousies. For the interior we can offer motorized Roman blinds, twinrolls, raffinesse, vertical blinds, or curtains.

Outdoor technical shading

Outdoor jalousies

Outdoor jalousies are a clean and elegant solution, for example, if you're not a big fan of curtains. The electric drive enables comfortable use and also the ability to automatically adjust the amount of natural light in the interior as part of a smart home. Beautiful solution for a modern home.

The ideal time for planning outdoor jalousies is during construction when it's possible to prepare the power supply and the overall technical solution.

Outdoor blinds

An alternative to outdoor blinds are outdoor roller blinds, which don't provide such a great range of light control coming into the interior but it's possbile to completely darken the space during their use.

As with blinds, this is a solution powered by an electric motor.

Internal technical shading


A modern type of fabric shadowing that allows you to pull the bottom and top strips independently of each other. So you can shade the glass surface just the way you need it.

It is a very versatile solution that is suitable for shading the classic as well as atypical window and door shapes.

It can be combined with electric drives, remote controls and there is wide range of colours to choose from.


Double-pleat fabric. This results in the covering the leading elements - no lines can be seen anywhere.

Duette can be used in a variety of combinations, for example, it's possible to place multiple pleats in one window at once to achieve unique shading options.

Fabric roller blinds

Besides the large colour selection shade materials and materials with different light and heat transmittances, fabric roller blinds also offer a wide of possibilities for their control. We have spring, chain, battery and power-operated blinds that can be connected to the smart home system or operated with a wall switch or a remote control.

The roller blind can also be cleverly hidden by using a cassette. A roller doesn't disturb the overall impression when it is fully extended. It's also possible to use a side guide, for example, to fit into a roof window.

Sliding wall panels

Also known as Japanese walls. They are well suited for shading large glass surfaces. Even in the case of this solution, it can be combined with a motor drive and selected from a large selection of fabrics.

Roman blinds

In the case of Roman blinds, it's possible to choose almost any fabric. The possibilities of their use are very wide. They can be placed in angles, in arches, they can be with a fuse, can be installed in the glazing bar and, of course, combine with electric drive.

If you are looking for truly original solutions, Roman blinds can be the right choice for you. Their popularity keeps growing.


Curtains make a non-exhaustive part of our product range. For more information, please visit our textliles page.

Each space has its own specifics and needs something different. Come to our studio for inspiration and advice. We have an overview of what innovation is, and what all the materials and technologies of today can do. We look forward to your visit!